A toilet is the most important and basic thing that any home cannot afford to miss. It is the most utilized facility in every home. Life can turn out to be very difficult without the facility. A toilet is not a private room like bedrooms and other rooms in the house it is usually open for anybody including visitors who come to your house, so you should ensure that you have a clean and a colorful toilet to avoid any kind of embarrassment. If you are looking for the best toilet and you are lost in choices, you can visit BTR and below are the factors that you need to consider

1. Design

The first thing that you need to consider when buying a toilet is the design. Out in the market, we have so many colorful toilet designs. You have can choose an elegant toilet that matches your bathroom décor theme. You can also consider the taste of your children, this can also give you a hint on what design to choose.

2. Size

The next important factor to consider is the size of the toilet. Out there in the market, there are so many colorful toilets of different sizes. When we talk of the size you need to consider height and width of the toilet. Your choice of toilet size can be guided by the size of your bath arena. You have to choose the size of a toilet that will fit well in the available space and leave allowance for movement purposes. Another factor that can guide you on the size is the users purchase a toilet that is user-friendly. For instance, avoid squatting pan if you have some little kids or elderly people.

3. Color

When purchasing a toilet look for a color that blends well with your home wall color. Nowadays you find very colorful toilets in the market well designed and decorated. You can opt to buy a decorative toilet which comes as a pack of toilet bowls, wash basin and pedestal and will give a unique look to your bath space.

4. Flashing Mechanism

This is a very important factor to note before purchasing a toilet. Flushing system comes into two types single flush and dual flush. Single flash uses more water at single use. It is always advisable to select a dual flush when buying because it is economical in terms of water usage.

5. Functionality

It is important that you see the functionality of the toilet before buying. This is because there are some that are automatic and others that are semi-automatic. You can choose depending on your preference and that of your family members

6. Price

The most important aspect to be noted is the price of the toilet. In the market, there are so many colorful toilets but this comes with a cost. The more colorful a toilet is the more expensive it is. It is therefore important that you choose a toilet that fits in your budget.
By going through all the factors discussed above you will be in a position to select the most appropriate toilet. Alternatively, you can look at the best toilets review and you might borrow some ideas from there.