The grilled or smothered tacos grilled meals give tasty and nutritious meals for their customers. The fast-food restaurant with outlets across the globe boasts the world best menu recipes and customer service, which had earned them amazing customer loyalty and positive social media reviews. Their menu booklets are a show of creativity and innovation that can be emulated when coloring books.


Great care is advisable when dealing with colors to avoid color clashing and sending mixed signals through colors. Taco Bells’ artists should be given credit, right from the entrance to the signposts and wall decoration, you definitely appreciate his skill and talents in drawing and design, check this


Books, on the other hand, require a touch of color to beautify it as well as add aesthetic value. Imagine reading a food book, with the picture from a white and black balance. It creates an environment of boredom and dullness, which affects even your reading speed. It does not motivate you to open more pages and read more. That is the sole reason why you can read a 100-page book in hours while you take days in another book with a similar number of pages. However, the color should go hand in hand with the content and the language.


Traditionally before the digital age, you could not publish a book, journal or a magazine without it going through a publisher for verification and authentication of content and language style. Although some publishers took advantage to frustrate authors, it was the best policy to have a third party recommendation for the best books. This is the sole reason old authors and their books are still interesting and fun to read in the contemporary society.


Currently, the innovation of EBooks because of technological advancement requires the use of colors and food photographs as an attraction as opposed to the content. Taco’s bell has mastered this art not only in the outlook but also in their customer service, ambiance, and arrangement of furniture, counter desk, and the kitchen. It is one restaurant which allows you to go to the kitchen and you cannot fail to notice the color arrangement in every section of the kitchen and the restaurant as a whole.


The Power of Color in the Hospitality Industry


Different colors have a different influence on people’s minds. The menu booklets with bright colors portray a welcoming effect. In coloring books, you need to use the same concept to entice your readers. Your behavior is highly influenced by the color hues, for you to read a book. The colors of the cover page are a great determinant. In the hospitality industry, stick to bright colors with a blend of dull colors, in moderation, to have a friendly effect and a sense of comfort. This should be relayed in the walls, floor, menu booklets, and the entrance. Constant painting and having a trademark makes it better in maintaining the brand and the trademark. Use various graphical design applications to have an idea on how to use colors for your books.